№1(46), 2013

Версія для друку





Examination on surviving and some particular solutions of one of the global problems
P. S. Mazurok, A. B. Skochelyas, I. I. Radchenko, N. A. Prilyi, V. Ya. Skidanchyk

Shale gas perspectives in Carpathian
V. R. Khomyn, A. R. Kliuka, L. S. Monchak

Shale gas searching and prospecting from unconventional reservoirs in West bitumen-oil-gas region of Ukraine
V. S. Bodnarchuk



Corrosion and mechanical properties of welded joints of pipelines
D. Yu. Petryna, O. L. Kozak, Yu. D. Petryna

Thermo-electric polarization of friction protective straps surfaces of brake devices
S. І. Kryshtopa



Features of determining the coefficient of gas saturation reservoir with the clay-carbonate type of cement
V. A. Starostin, Ya. M. Кoval, I. O. Fedak

Multifactor mathematical model of energy capacity of rock breed destruction processy
V. M. Moisyshyn, B. D. Borysevych, R. B. Shcherbiy, A. I. Bandura, I. R. Mykhailiuk

Reservoir pressure distributions modeling in horizontal-heterogeneous reservoirs with traceability of different boundary conditions types and wells quantity
L. M. Zhuravchak, A. Ye. Struk

Mathematical model of nonequilibrium flow of natural gas in transportation in channels of complex shape
A. N. Hurbanov, F. G. Ismailov

Projecting of the modeling computer system air pollution by the evaporation of the drilling mud
O. O. Popov, T. M. Yatsyshyn

Calculation of a service mode and a rational scheme of block equipment breakdown using various repairs strategies
O. V. Ivanov, D. F. Tymkiv

The synthesis of Neuro-Fuzzy-controllers for controlling the operation of GPU
M. I. Kohutiak, V. S. Boryn, L. I. Shvets, T. T. Kondrat, O. B. Vasylenko

Kinetics of deformation and destruction of the base metal and welded joint of pipelines in the sea water
L. Ya. Poberezhnyi, T. Yu. Pyrih, I. B. Okipny, V. B. Asatrian

The assessment of heat losses on operation efficiency of the household gas supply system
Yu. I. Doroshenko, V. B. Mykhalkiv

Rationale for the selection of the material of the permanent magnets for magnetic fishing tool
T. L. Romanyshyn

Polymeric composite materials for packaging arrangement elements of the drill string
M. Ye. Chernova



Optimum formulation of asp for injection in oil reservoir
Khosro Rahimi, Mohammad Hadi Fatehi Sarvestani, Ehsan Sharifara

Мodified fuel-bituminous bath
І. І. Chudyk, М. І. Orynchak, О. С. Beizyk

Investigation of electrochemical characteristics of long-term exploited oil tank steel
O. I. Zvirko

Determination of the technical and economic parameters of movable pipeline module
О. М. Мandryk, Val. V. Zaitsev

The development of measures for the effective use of associated petroleum gas drilled at wells of the Mykulychyn field
A. P. Dzhus, I. B. Galiuk, V. V. Borkivskyi, M. O. Boyan

Control and reduction-specific operation planning of the linear part of main gas pipelines
I. I. Ostapiuk

Acoustic-emіssion estimation of the leading oil pumping station equipment
V. R. Skalskyi, R. M. Basarab, O. M. Stankevych

Save the cost of motor oils and fuels in the operation of rolling stock manufacturing oil and gas transport
V. S. Dmytrenko, V. V. Dmytrenko, B. D. Protsiuk, T. I. Voitsechovska, N. M. Rogiv



The analysis of methods for intensifying the flow of hydrocarbons in the fields of OGPD "Boryslavnaftogas" and score coefficient of oil and gas recovery
V. R. Voznyi, О. V. Dudra

The analysis of the condition and preparation prospect oils in Azerbaijan with application demulsifiers
I. N. Kelova

On the role of the northwest-striking faults to form hydrocarbon traps within the Peri-kerch shelf
М. І. Yevdoshchuk, А. М. Koval, Т. М. Halko, О. V. Volkova



National University: the state and prospects of e-learning for engineering majors
S. A. Chekhovskyi, M. O. Halushchak, N. M. Pindus

Experience of e-learning in descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics
L. Ye. Shkitsa, I. V. Pavlyk, O. V. Kornuta, T. O. Pryhorovska, M. Ye. Stovbenko

Information system distance learning in Poltava national technical university named by Yu. Kondratiuk
V. O. Onyshchenko, K. V. Stepanov

Features of remote sensing technology in teaching engineering disciplines
Yа. M. Hladkyi, V. V. Mylko

Virtual interactive training tools are the future of distance learning for engineering fields
M. P. Mazur, M. L. Yanovskyi

Experience of using distance learning technologies while teaching students in technical direction
I. A. Ivanytska, K. V. Stepanov

The introduction of an integrated system for remote forms of information and educational material testing in the learning process of the Department of Military Training IFNTUOG
Yu. V. Viaznitsev, D. V. Lisafin, A. I. Stanetskyi

Information technology in education — achievements and motivation problems
V. I. Vekeryk, V. Yu. Stepanenko, K. G. Levchuk