№1(50), 2014

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Utilization of Natural Gas Energy Pressure in Turbine Expanders at Gas Industry Facilities
R. M. Hovdiak

Classification of Methane Production Methods from Hydrate Deposits on the Black Sea Bottom
O. Yu. Vytiaz, Ya. M. Femiak , S. O. Ovetskyi



Factors that Determine Gas Conditioning and Compressing Peculiarities when Realizing CNG Transportation Technology
A. P. Dzhus

Providing Qualitative Design Characteristics of Carburized Cones of Three-Cone Drilling Bits by Improving Their Manufacturing Method
R. S. Yakym, Yu. D. Petryna , І. S. Yakym

Improved Method of Vacuum Gas-Thermal-Cycle Ion-Plasma Nitriding of the Drill String Elements
B. O. Chernov, A. М. Rutkovskyi, M. Ya. Tkach



Geological Factors Influencing Reservoir Properties of Subsurface Rocks of Neogene Deposits and Gas Recovery Factor Change Dynamics
D. D. Fedoryshyn, O. A. Haranin , S. D. Fedoryshyn, T. V. Potiatynnyk

Spectrum of Longitudinal Vibrations of the Drill String
V. I. Vekeryk, V. M. Moysyshyn, K. G. Levchuk

Improving Isolation Reliabity of Formations with Abnormally Low Pressures
M. V. Seniushkovych, I. M. Kovbasiuk, O. B. Martsynkiv, I. I. Vytvytskyi, V. I. Zabiiaka

Modeling of Filtration and Capacitance Characteristics of Complex Structure Reservoir Rocks (on the Example of the Khidnovytske Gas field)
O. M. Trubenko, S. D. Fedoryshyn, T. V. Potiatynnyk, А. P. Oliynyk

Increase of Reliability of Rock-Cutting Teeth Inserted into Three-Cone Drilling Bits
Yu. D. Petryna, R. S. Yakym, D. Yu. Petryna, T. P. Venhryniuk, N. Ya. Pytskiv

Study of Hydrophobic Insulation Materials on Bitumen and Polymer Basis
M. S. Polutrenko

Analysis of Methods for Operation Modes Calculation of Trunk Pipelines
O. V. Tymkiv

Determination of Natural Gas Thermodynamic Properties at High Pressures
D. A. Volynskyi, V. B. Mykhalkiv, O. M. Susak

Review of Modern Heating Systems and Study Methods of Temperature Modes Influence on the Their Utilization Efficiency in Conditions of Rural Settlements
Yu. I. Doroshenko

Research the Dynamic Component of Tension Drilling Riser for Irregular Motion Drilling Vessel
O. O. Slabyj

The Potentialities' Study of Carbon Dioxide Enhance Oil Recovery Method, and Its Compatibility With the Oilfields of Western Ukraine on the Basis of Global Experience (part I)
D. A. Volchenko, V. R. Voznyi, M. V. Melnyk



Filtration Model of Oil and Gas Fields as Control Criterion for the Missed Productive Intervals Identification
V. A. Starostin, R. I. Nahorniak

Analysis of Drilling Rig Circulation System Mud Tanks Volume
Yu. V. Mironov, Yu. V. Danylchuk, K. K. Lie

Results of Experimental Studies of Hydrodynamic Processes Regularities in Oil Pipeline when Changing the Number of Running Pumping Units
S. Ya. Hryhorskyi, M. D. Serediuk

Environmental Monitoring of Long-Term Operated Gas Pipelines
O. M. Mandryk, L. Ya. Poberezhnyi, A. I. Staneckyi

Planning of Technical Maintenance of City Gas-Distributing Network Facilities under Centralized System Conditions
V. Ya. Hrudz, Ya. V. Hrudz, A. V. Hanzha, N. Ya. Drin



Peculiarities of the Method of Natural Electric Field in the Complex of Geophysical Operations during the Landslide Processes Study
І. V. Kryviuk