№2(43), 2012

Версія для друку






Determination of the basic directions of the ground hydrates' extraction research
S.O. Ovetsky, O.Yu. Vytiaz, Ya.M. Fem'yak, Ya.P. Galyk


Technological tools for oriental production in slanted and horizontal wells
Ya.V. Kuntsiak

Problems and ways of energy-effective modernisation at the process of washing the directional wells
I. I. Chudyk, М.І. Коvbasiuk , D.I. Коrol , A.O. Вorzhkovskiy , T.V. Yatsenko

V.B. Volovetskyі, О.M. Shchyrbа, V.I. Kotsaba, О.Yu. Vytiaz

The efficiency of multipair friction knots in the band-block brake of a draw-work
N.A. Volchenko, D.A. Volchenko, S.I. Kryshtopa, D.Yu. Zhuravlev, A.V. Voznyi

Prospects of gas hydrate technology at the market of marine transportation of natural gas
Ya.B. Tarko, L.A. Pedchenko, M.M. Pedchenko

Analysis of maintenance of manufacturing equipment of main gaspipelines
O.V. Ivanov





The influence of operational degradation on the periods of origin and distribution of fatique cracks trumpet steels
D.Yu. Petryna, O.L. Kozak, Yu.D. Petryna

Rock cutting tool sirking per revolution as an optimization criterion of drilling process
А.А. Shapoval

Estimation of the influence of rigidity and damping coefficient of the cracker line of the drilling string on the average value of torque during rolling cutter bits drillingbr /> R.B. Shcherbiy

Investigations of the mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced plugging stone under static and dynamic load
V.I. Hrymaniuk

The main aims of the research of the efficiency of speed control device for in-line tools'
Ya. R. Porada

Statistic evaluation of gas losses in distribution pipe systems
Ya.V.Hrudz, N.Ya. Drin, V.V. Feichuk

Technique of determining the durability of drilling string components under the conditions of vibration load
M.V. Lyskanitch, V.I. Artym, Ya.S. Hrydzhuk, A.P. Dzhus

Technical state estimation of centrifugal pump units in the system of formation pressure maintaining
L.M. Zamikhovskyi, Yu.V. Pankiv

The material balance of gas condensate reservoirs
B.O. Chernov, V.I. Koval





Rational use of energy of the dissolved gas at the late stage of field development
I.M. Kuper, V.D. Mihailiuk

The device for examing the parameters of the shock-abrasive wear of the arms drilling tool elements
O.M. Semehen, Z.M. Odosiy, М.M. Semehen

Research and development of the carboxyl starch reagent
M.I. Orynchak, O.S. Beizyk, I.I. Chudyk

Аutomated tehnology system for oil process on the basis of modern technical means of automation
V.S. Borуn, M.I. Kohutiak, S.B. Muhailiv

The evaluation of geometrical parameters influence on the effectiveness of foam-generating device
V.M. Savyk





Exploitation criteria of gas-bearing prospects at the final stage of large fields development in the Р–С3deposits on the example of the Kegychivs’ke gas-condensate field in Dnieper-Donetsk depression
S.V. Kryvulia

Analysis of corrosive-fatigue failure of drill stem components
V. I. Artym, I. I. Yatsyniak,V. V. Hrytsiv, A. R. Yurych, R. V. Rachkevych