№2(51), 2014

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The Influence of Oil and Gas Pipelines Surface Preparation Quality on the Firmness to Exfoliation of Anticorrosive Coatings Under Cathodic Polarization Conditions
Ye. I. Kryzhanivskyi, Ya. T. Fedorovych, M. S. Polutrenko, I. Ya. Fedorovych, V. I. Kvych



Usage of Pipe and Gravel-Packed Filters to Prevent Sand Entry Into the Wellbore
R. M. Kondrat, N. S. Dremliuh

Determination of Spare Parts Amount of Gas Supply Systems
V.Ya. Hrudz, Ya.V. Hrudz, O.V. Handzha, N.Ya. Drin

About Possibility of Discretely Distributed Shock Loadings Technology Application in BHA for Preventing Jamming while Drilling Wells
V. M. Charkovskyi



Composition and Properties of Resinous Substances
B.V. Kopei, O. R. Martynets, A. B. Stefanyshyn

Analysis Methods of Dealing with Coning in the Development of Gas and Gas Condensate Reservoirs With Bottom Water
R. M. Kondrat, L. I. Matiishyn

The Study of the Capability to Enhance Oil Recovery With the Usage of Carbon Dioxide and Its Compatibility With the Oilfields in Western Ukraine on the Basis of Global Experience (part ІI)
D. O. Volchenko, V. R. Voznyi, M. V. Melnyk

The Influence Estimation of Rigidity and Damping Coefficient of Drilling Tools on the Average Value of Torque during Drilling by Rolling Drilling Bit
V. M. Moisyshyn, B. D. Borysevych, Yu. L. Gavryliv, B. I. Smaga

Study of Prerequisites of Key Seat Formation on Wellbore Walls by Tool Joints
І.І. Чудик, А.І. Різничук

Study of Amplitude and Frequency Characteristics of Dynamic Tension Force of the Drilling Riser Upper End and Drilling System Influence on It
O. O. Slabyi

Ways of Operating Life Improvement of the Open Three-Cone Drilling Bit Rolling-Contact Bearings for High-Speed Drilling
R. S. Yakym

Modeling of the Pipeline Inner Surface State
D. F. Tymkiv, D. D. Matiieshyn , D. A. Volynskyi

Improving of Methodology of the Study of Abrasive Wear of “Rod-Seal” Friction Pairs of the Hydraulic Pumps of Oil and Gas Utility Vehicles
I. B. Prunko

Features of Oligocene Fractured Reservoir Rocks of the Mykulychyn Oilfield
T. V. Zderka

Modern State of the Acoustic Logging Efficient Utilization to Solve Oil and Gas Exploration Problems
S. Ye. Rozlovska

Analysis of Acoustic Methods for Identifying the Parameters of Metal Construction Defects
O. V. Popovych, M. O. Karpash

Automated Сontrol of Gas Compressor Unit on the Basis of Technological Information Microprocessing
V. S. Boryn



Utilization of Karpatol for Treating Producing Reservoirs of Oil and Gas-Condensate Wells
S. М. Rudyi, М. I. Rudyi , О. R. Kondrat

Development of Equipment Design for Testing Well Blowout Preventers
V. H. Panchuk, L. O. Borushchak , V. V. Vriukalo

Spectral Methods of Diagnosis of Technological State of Quasistationary Industrial Facilities
V. Ya. Pikh, Ya. M. Nykolaichuk, B. B. Krulikovskyi

The System for Contactless Measuring of the Wall Surface Points Coordinates of the Vertical Steel Cylindrical Tanks
Kh. V. Pankiv



Effective Scientific, Design, and Engineering Development on a Complex Reconstruction of Electric Driven Gas-Compressor Station of Main Gas Pipeline
R. M. Govdiak