№2(63), 2017

Версія для друку



Prediction of technological parameters for double layered field development by common well pattern using gas drive under constant production rate
R. M. Kondrat, A. R. Kondrat



Prospects for the research of problems of identification the grain boundaries in hard alloys of the WC-Co system for oil and gas drilling equipment
V. P. Bondarenko, I. A. Hnatenko, P. M. Prysiazhniuk, A. A. Ivanov

The technology of thermochemical treatment of the bottomhole formation zone in oil operation wells
Ya. B. Tarko

Analysis and improvement of the reverse cementing valve construction
I. F. Kontsur, M. M. Liakh, V. V. Myhailiuk, I. A. Zasiadko

The design optimization of the rolling bit sleeve bearing by applying computer technologies
L. O. Boruschak, A. A. Bukhalo, V. V. Vriukalo, T. V. Lenych



The method of determining the internal force factors in the casing column of the deep spatially oriented wells
I. I. Paliichuk

Method for surface damaging study of flexible pipe elements of coiled tubing equipments
А. M. Syrotiuk, О. Yu. Vytiaz, R. A. Barna, V. V. Tyrlych

The development of the methodological approach to the research of the corrosion cracking under stress taking into account a complex impact of factors
L. I. Nyrkova, S. L. Melnychuk, S. O. Osadchuk, A. O. Rybakov, N. O. Darahanova

The impact of gas hydrates on the workability of wells flow lines
A. V. Hrytsanchuk

Mathematical model of the system
“Natural gas superchargers – anti-surge valve””
M. I. Gorbiichuk, M. I. Kohutiak, N. V. Tkacheshak

Experimental studies of the solids flow
back process from gas well bottomhole by applying foam systems
R. M. Kondrat, N. S. Dremliuh, A. V. Uhrynovskyi, A. I. Ksenych

Mathematical models of deformation
and stress state of the vessels working under pressure
A. M. Karpash, A. P. Оliynik

Influence of natural gas component
composition on its quality
І. І. Vysochanskyi, V. P. Hotsuliak