№3(44), 2012

Версія для друку






The efficiency of using modern isolating coatings for the protection of underground gas pipelines from the corrosion
Ye.I. Kryzhanivskyi, M.S. Polutrenko, Ya.T. Fedorovych, I.V. Fedorovych


Field researches of the inhibitor method of the salt depositing under drowned gas elimination and gas-condensate wells operation
R.M. Kondrat, O.R. Kondrat

he development of the underground pipe laying in the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology in Poland
Jan Ziaja

Workover rigs quality metering
Yu.V. Mironov, I.I. Avramenko

Analysis of the methods for condition control of the tubing at pumping station at the main oil pipelines
R.M. Basarab, V.S. Tsykh, O.M. Karpash





One of the methods for solving the problem of wellbore stability when drilling in shale deposits
I.I. Chudyk, A.I. Riznychuk, A.R. Yurych

Analysis and design rationalization of foam-generating equipment or device
V.N. Savyk, М.М. Lyakh, V.M. Vakaliuk, Y.V. Solonychnyi

The shrunk drill column mode of deformation in a horizontal well bore
R.V. Rachkevych

Accident rate analysis and risk-of-danger-appearance level assessment on the offshore oil-and-gas facilities
O.Yu. Vytiaz, V.B. Bodnaruk, L.S. Abliakimov

Fatigue life and pipeline material deformation kinetics under low-frequency load
L.Ya. Poberezhnyi, T.Yu. Pyrih

Molar parts of gas condensate pseudocomponents by Peng-Robinson equation of state and distillation data
V.V. Muzyka

The influence of operating factors on corrosion-fatigue fracture of steels of the main oil and gas pipelines
Yu.D. Petryna, D.Yu. Petryna, O.L. Kozak

Power balance of pipeline transport of gas
Ya.V. Hrudz

About the methods of declining the toxics of exhaust gases of automobiles of combustion engines
F.V. Kozak, V.M. Melnyk

Selecting the optimum location of major distribution substations (distribution points) among oilfield electrical networks with regard to external power lines
Yu.F. Romaniuk, O.V. Solomchak, A.O. Solomchak





Geological structure and facial features of lithologically screened deposit in productive horizon G-62 of the Kobzevske gas-condensate field
A. Kryvulia, A. Lahutin, A. Zahorodnov, O. Horiaynova, S. Povieriennyi

Modified hydrophobic-bituminous bath
M.I. Orynchak, O.S. Beizyk, I.I. Chudyk

Development of technical and technological measures directed to increase gas condensate production in marine wells of “Chernomorneftegas” state join-stock company
Ya.M. Femiak, V.O. Sharko

Investigation of hydraulic efficiency of interfield gas pipeline from the gas processing plant (GPP) of the Narizhniansk gas condensate field (GCP) to the UKPG-2 of the Yuliyivska oil-gas-condensate field
V.B. Volovetskyі, O.U. Vytiaz, О.M. Shchyrbа, V.I. Kotsaba, N.M. Kotsaba

Shale gas extraction process automation
V.S. Boryn, A.I. Lahoida

Construction of facility control systems for transmission system based on standardized technology to generate functional blocks with their mathematical models
I.V. Nazarenko, N.Ya. Nykolaichuk

Calculation of the strength of the mobile pipeline conical-cylindrical elements for transportation of compressed gas
Val.V. Zaitsev, D.V. Zaitsev, O.M. Mandryk





The analysis of methods of cooling gas at compressor stations
V.D. Sholohon, V.M. Radysh

Evaluation of accident rate on motor transport in Ukraine and enterprises of oil and gas complex. Research into crossing complexity
F.V. Kozak, T.V. Dykun, B.V. Dolishnii, V.I. Huk