№3(56), 2015

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Some Ways of Oil Production Stabilization in Ukraine
I. M. Kuper

Simulation as One of Key Engineering Activity Technologies at the Stage of Sustainable Development
O. M. Karpash , M. O. Karpash , I. V. Voievidko



Kinematic Transfer Functions of Drilling and Tubing Strings
M. V. Lyskanych, I. I. Chudyk, Ya. S. Hrydzhuk, L. R. Yurych

Provision of Qualitative Design Parameters of Carburized Three-Cone Drill Bit Arm Pins at Stages of Their Manufacturing Preparation
R. S. Yakym, Yu. D. Petryna , І. S. Yakym



Justifying Mapping Possibility of Oil and Gas Promising Objects Based on Seismic Gravity Modelling of Leskivk-Korotych Structural Tectonic Subzone of Northern DDD Edge
O. P. Petrovskyi, T. O. Fedchenko, I. V. Ryha, N. A. Shredko

Detection of Oil Saturated Carbonate Reservoir Rocks on Example of Lopushnianske Field
Ya. M. Ftemov

Influence of Damper Stiffness on Discrete Shock Pulse When Releasing Stuck Drill String
K. H. Levchuk

Assessment of Contact Pressure Distribution Throughout Working Surface of Drill Crown
M. V. Suprun, V. I. Kushch, A. P. Zakora, R. K. Bohdanov

Laboratory Studies of Hydrocarbon Recovery Enhancement from Depleted Gas Condensate Fields
O. R. Kondrat

Evaluation of Pipeline Steels Fracture and Strength with the Account of Operating Environments Hydrogen Factor Influence
А. M. Syrotiuk

Experimental Study of Possibility of Oil and Gas Equipment Metal Elements Actual State Assessment During Their Operation
V. D. Myndiuk

Study of Influence of Structural Elements of Sucker Rods Threaded Connections on Their Stress-Strain State
V. V. Mykhailiuk

Experimental Study of Gas Flow Velocity Removing Solids from Well Bottomhole onto Surface
R. M. Kondrat, N. S. Dremliukh, A. V. Uhrynovskyi, A. I. Ksenych

General Analysis of Approaches to Automatic Rock-Cutting Tool Operability Estimation
L. Ya. Chуhur



Prospects of Utilization of Highly Mineralized Formation Waters to Prevent Hydrate Formation
V. I. Dmytrenko, I. H. Zezekalo, V. М. Orlovskyi

Utilization of Water Resources During Hydraulic Fracturing
A. I. Stoiko, I. O. Karpenko, P. Kuzmirchuk



Problematic Aspects of Handling Tubing Contaminated with Natural Radionuclides
P. H. Dryhulych, A. V. Pukish, V. A. Novostavskyi, M. P. Shpek

State and Problems of Production String Leak Repair in Wells of Buzovna-Mashtaha Field
Fariz Ahmed, Sh. H. Aliev, E. Kh. Iskenderov