№4(45), 2012

Версія для друку






Methodical and technical support of geodynamic hazard preventing in the area of oil and gas pipelines
А.V. Yavorskyi, Aifa Tahar, P.M. Raiter, I.V. Rybitskyi, S.P. Vashchyshak

Workover rigs functional-cost analysis
Yu.V. Mironov, I.I. Avramenko

Technologies for extraction of residual oil from flooded fields with the use of surface-active systems
R.M. Kondrat, L.B. Moroz, V.D. Mykhailiuk



Investigations based on the mathematical models connected with the pollution and gas contamination from pipeline leakage
L. Ye. Shkitsa, V. Ya. Hrudz, O. V. Paliichuk, O. M. Mandryk

Creating a priory spatial model of the Obolon area basing on seismic-gravity modeling
Yu. V. Anishchenko, N. S. Hanzhenko, T. A. Fedchenko, Ya. M. Kropyvnytskyi

Structure peculiarities of carbonate reservoirs pore space in the Lopushnianske field
Ya. M. Ftemov

Pattern recognition of physical fields of lithologic and stratigraphic complexes on the results of geophysical studies and methods of mathematical statistics
D. D. Fedoryshyn, I. O. Piatkovska, S. D. Fedoryshyn, M. V. Savaryn

Features of the mechanism of rock destruction by the functional elements from the composite diamond materials
O. P. Vynogradova

Experimental studies based on the assembly models of the drill string bottom
I. I. Chudyk, A. I. Riznyshuk, M. O. Milostian, P. M. Shutka

Studies of physical and mechanical properties of plastically deformed 17Г1С steel pipe after long-term exploitation
R. S. Savula

The technique of determining the tangential residual stress in steel drill pipes
Yu. S. Sychov

Hydrodynamic simulator for modeling the development of hydrocarbon deposits
B. O. Chernov, V. I. Koval

Research of foam formation process in the foam generating devices of the ejector type
V. M. Savyk, М. М. Liakh, V. M. Vakaliuk, N. V. Fedoliak

Laboratory research of the gas-liquid mixture movement through the relief pipeline
R. M. Kondrat, A.V. Ugrynovskyi

The influence of compositional plating on the defective pipeline under stress conditions
Т. М. Daliak, І. P. Shatskyi, Т. P. Venhryniuk

Technical specifications of welding works on gas-pipelines
A. V. Vasylyk, L. S. Shlapak, M. D. Stepiuk, V. Yu. Penkivskyi, O. A. Rudiuk

Gas-compressor unit performance predicting
Ya. V. Hrudz





Initial spatial geological and geophysical model of the north-western part of the Carpathian oil-and-gas bearing province as the first step towards the understanding of its deep geological structure
O. M. Onyshchuk, T. O. Fedchenko, O. P. Petrovskyi

Increasing wells exploitation efficiency and gas collection and conditioning system with considerable content of water
O. R. Kondrat, N. M. Hedzyk

Іncrease of condensate extraction in condensate fields by optimal gas sampling distribution
A. Yu. Kaluhin

Microbiological corrosion of underground metal constructions and ways of their protection
M. S. Polutrenko

Аspects of monitoring the performance of pipeline circular welding joints with corrosion defects
O. S. Taraievskyi

Determining the placement and degree of infilling of gravity sections of the main pipeline
S. Ya. Hryhorskyi, M. D. Serediuk

Exploration of the effectiveness of repair methods of main gas pipelines block-ganged equipment
O. V. Ivanov