№4(49), 2013

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Cogeneration and Utilization Technologies and Effectiveness of Their Realization in Gas-Turbine Unit
R. M. Hovdiak

Analysis and Modernization of Equipment for Hutsulivske Gas Field Operation
V. I. Viitenko, I. F. Kontsur, M. M. Liakh, T. I. Liutko, O. V. Vashchaiev

Characterization and Selection of Multiphase Ejector Devices for Continued Stable Operation of Low-Pressure Gas Wells
V. S. Petryshak, S. M. Petruschak, T. V. Savka



Comparative Studies of Pipes Fracturing under Pressure of Gaseous Hydrogen and Pure Methane
І. M. Dmytrakh, А. M. Syrotiuk, О. L. Lutytskyi, О. L. Bilyi, R. I. Vovk

Treating Kinetics of NbC Porous Skeletons by Molten Hadfield Steel during Cermets Manufacturing
P. M. Prusiazhnuk, Ya. A. Kryl

Lithologic and Genetic Peculiarities and Petrophysical Heterogeneity of the Early Permian Terrigenous-Carbonate Depositions of the Hlynske and Solokhivske Gas-and-Oil-Bearing Region of the Dnieper and Donetsk Depression (DDD)
Yu. I. Fedoryshyn, V. M. Vladyka, M. Yu. Nesterenko, R. S. Balatskyi, T. V. Zderka

Study of the Wear Cause of the Connection Joint between the Pumping Unit Crank and Pitman Arm
V. Ya. Popovych, V. R. Kharun

Determination of the Motion Law of the Rod Suspension Point of the Beam-Pumping Units
O. Ya. Dubei

Study of Vibration Processes in the Centrifugal Pumping Units to Control the Dynamics of their Impellers and Interstage Seal Defects
Yu.V. Pankiv

Power Quality Analysis of Solar Power Stations
Ya. V. Batsala, I. V. Hlad, U. M. Nykolyn

Residual-fuel-bituminous bath
O. S. Beizyk



Optimization of Energy Consumption in Drilling on the Example of the Hydrocyclone Unit
Ye. I. Kryzhanivskyi, M. M. Liakh, Yu. M. Burda

Oil Wells Operation Methodology in Case of Paraffin Deposition Risk
V. S. Boiko, V. D. Serediuk

Study of Energy Sources Utilization Efficiency when Drilling a Well
I. I. Chudyk

Wells Operation Optimization of the Narizhnianske and Yuliivske Oil and Gas Condensate Field
V. B. Volovetskyі, О. M. Shchyrbа, V. V. Velychko, О. Yu. Vytiaz, Ya. V. Doroshenko

Development of Design Solutions for Pressure Losses Reduction in Gas Networks Made of Polyethylene Pipes and Their Utilization Efficiency Study
Yu. I. Doroshenko

Thermsoltresistant Drill Muds for Drilling Deep Wells with AHRP
М. V. Borovyk, М. V. Hordiichuk, Yu. B. Kobzar, V. М. Likhvan

Determination of Effect of Starch Reagents for Properties of Drill Muds
O. S. Beizyk



Analysis of Students' Priorities in Their Own Educational Activities by Their Attitude to Academic Disciplines
I. M. Hural, M. M. Osypchuk, L. R. Smolovyk