№4(53), 2014

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Study of Adsorption Processes Influence on Development of Natural Gas Fields with Low-Permeability Reservoirs
О. R. Kondrat, N. М. Hedzyk

The Importance of Underground Storage on the World Market and Tendencies of Underground Gas Storage Development
O. T. Chernova

Modeling of Hydrate Formation Process During Gas Transportation
M. P. Mazur, L. Ya. Poberezhnyi



Contact Interaction of Cut Shell and Elastic Body in Drilling Means of Vibration Protection
A. S. Velychkovych, T. М. Daliak

Reliability Evaluation and Quality Improvement Criteria of Three-Cone Rock Bits for Especially Hard Rock Drilling
R. S. Yakym

Review the Materials Regarding the Pressure Oscillation Generator and Mechanisms of Pulse-Wave Processes in the Downhole Conditions and the Possibility of Their Practical Use
Ya. Ya. Yakymechko

Methods for Calculation of Hydrodynamic Processes Caused by Stops of Pumping Units of Oil Trunk Pipeline
S. Ya. Hryhorskyi, M. D. Serediuk

Utilization of Enhanced Strain-Gauging Tools for Ecological Safety Improvement when Operating Gas Pipelines
O. M. Mandryk

Risk Management of Technogenic Hazards when Developing Offshore Oil and Gas Fields
V. B. Bodnaruk



Analysis of the Conditions of Sulfate and Carbonate Karst Manifestation as a Factor of Safe Operation of Oil and Gas Pipelines
I. V. Chepurnyi

Study of Residual Water Saturation of Productive Rocks by Neutron Logging Methods
R. I. Nahorniak, V. A. Starostin

Division of Reservoir Rocks into Groups According to Data of System of Petrophysical and Geophysical Measurements
O. A. Haranin

Evaluation of Performance Capability of Drilling String Elements Strengthened Surface with the Help of Gas-and-Thermal-Cycle Ionic Plasma Nitration
B. O. Chernov, V. I. Mirnenko , M. Ya. Tkach

Experimental Establishment of Optimal Thermostating Time of Samples during the Rheological Study of High-Viscosity Oils
L. D. Pylypiv

Study of Influence of Dynamic Errors of Beam-Pumping Unit Lever Mechanism on Deformation and Movement of Its Parts
V. Ya. Popovych, V. M. Senchishak, V. R. Kharun



About Influence of Residual Gas Saturation on Reservoir Rocks Porosity Determination
Ye. V. Solodkyi

Utilization of Multiple Linear Regression for Predicting Well Thermal Regime
Ya. S. Biletskyi , K. O. Burak , O. K. Burak

Pipeline Shaped Elements Erosion
Т. I. Маrko, Ya. V. Doroshenko