Scientific and technical journal «Prospecting and Development of Oil and Gas Fields»

All-Ukrainian Quarterly Scientific and Technical Journal


Published: Since October, 2001

International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 1993-9973 (print), ISSN 2415-332X (online)

Scope: the journal publishes materials based on the results of scientific and production activities in the field of oil and gas industry

State Registration Certificate: Series КВ № 15835-4307ПР from 16.10.2009

Professional registration at the State Accreditation Commission (SAC) of Ukraine: the Ukrainian scholarly journal in the field of technical sciences, which correspond to the following academic areas on the List of academic areas:

103 - Earth Sciences;

121 - Software Engineering;

133 - Industry Mechanical Engineering;

184 - Mining;

185 - Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology

Publication frequency: Published 4 times per year

Publication languages: Ukrainian, English

Editor-in-Chief: Doctor Habilitatus in Technical Sciences, Professor Oleksandr Kondrat
Assistant Editor: Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assistant professor Taras Zderka
Address of the Editorial Office: IFNTUOG, 15 Karpatska st., Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, 76019
Telephone: (0342) 727141
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