The choice of criteria for environmental risks management system during oil and gas wells construction

  • T. M. Yatsyshyn IFNTUOG; 76019, Ivano-Frankivsk, Karpatska str., 15, phone (0342) 727165
Keywords: environmental risks, oil and gas wells, environmental safety, open gushes, oil and gas leaks


The article studies the conditions that may cause environmentally hazardous emergency situations in oil and gas extraction industry. One of the most complicated emergencies is oil and gas leaks and open uncontrolled gushes. High degree of environmental risk typical of emergency situations like this needs measures to be taken in order to prevent them.

In order to improve environmental risks management in oil industry, the manifold study of inner technological processes and the condition of equipment as well as outer manifestations has been conducted. The causes of oil and gas gushes at different stages of oil and gas well lifecycle phases  have been analyzed. The factors that preceded oil and gas leaks and open gushes at 100 wells in different operating conditions have been given. The factors have been grouped in separate directions and the most powerful have been separated.  The main types of environmental
hazard that accompany emergency oil and gas gushes have been defined. The criteria for controlling the environmental risks in order to prevent undesired consequences have been selected. The main constituents of those criteria are discussed and the possibilities of defining their numerical values. The proposed criteria make it possible to evaluate the threat adequately and to take certain proper measures in order to prevent emergency situations.


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Yatsyshyn, T. M. (2018). The choice of criteria for environmental risks management system during oil and gas wells construction. Prospecting and Development of Oil and Gas Fields, (2(67), 31-40.