• Yaroslav Doroshenko Івано-Франківський національний технічний університет нафти і газу
Keywords: air flow, polyethylene pipe, stretching, friction force, traction effort, stroke speed


The technology of the trenchless reconstruction of pipeline communications "Traction pig$" is described, which consists in the protrusion of a new polyethylene pipeline into a worn steel by a pig. The pig moves under the pressure of air, which is fed into the cavity space by the compressor. The interstitial space in the work trench is sealed with a sealing system.

An experimental booth was developed and constructed to determine the resistance forces acting on the moving system during the reconstruction of pipeline communications using the “Traction pig$” technology. The principal scheme of the experimental stand is presented, the method of experimental research is developed. Experimentally determined the effort that is required to drain one linear meter of a polyethylene pipeline with a worn steel pipeline, the friction force of the pig cuff to the walls of the worn steel pipeline and the friction force of the polyethylene pipe in the cuffs of the sealing system. The sum of experimentally defined resistance forces acting on a moving system during the stroke of a new polyethylene pipeline into a worn steel is determined.

An experimental installation for the experimental study of the dynamics of pulling a new polyethylene pipeline into a worn steel pig was developed and built. After performing the experimental tests it was established that the developed "Traction pig$" technology can be used for reconstruction of pipeline communications.

Experimental studies were carried out for various inclinations of a worn steel pipeline to the horizon, different air flow rates, different external diameters of polyethylene pipes.

The regularities of changing the air pressure at the beginning of the pipeline over time during the movement of the pig by a steel pipe and during the drainage of the polyethylene pipe with the worn steel pig have been determined experimentally. The regularities of changing the velocity of dragging depending on the volume air flow and dependence of the stretching speed on the length of the stretched section has been experimentally investigated.


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