Prospecting and Development of Oil and Gas Fields <p>The "Prospecting and Development of Oil and Gas Fields" includes the following sections of Oil and Gas Engineering:</p> <p>&nbsp;·&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; topical problems of oil and gas sphere</p> <p>·&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; engineering and technology</p> <p>·&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; research and methods of&nbsp;analysis</p> <p>·&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; science to production</p> <p>·&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; fields experience</p> <p>·&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; certification, standardization, and quality</p> <p>·&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; history of oil and gas science and technology</p> <p>&nbsp;The "Prospecting and Development of Oil and Gas Fields" Journal publishes review and research works that are dedicated to these subjects (but not limited only by them).</p> Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas en-US Prospecting and Development of Oil and Gas Fields 1993-9973 Використання склопластикових порожнистих насосних штанг для винесення піску з малодебітних свердловин <p><em>Have developed a new technological scheme, which allows producing oil from small flow wells, complicated by the presence of sand for exploitation of oil wells equipped by pumping units, using hollow fiberglass sucker rods. Basic technological advantage of the use of hollow fiberglass sucker rods is an economy.</em></p> Б. В. Копей О. О. Кузьмін В. Б. Копей ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 5 9 Удосконалення технічних засобів імпульсно-хвильової дії на нафтоносні пласти <p><em>A pilot pulse-wave action plant was modeled and studied in a laboratory setting. </em><em>A functioning pilot pulse-wave action plant was created and its action on oil bearing layers tested on existing wells.</em></p> Я. М. Бажалук О. М. Карпаш Я. Д. Климишин Е. М. Короць М. В. Худін О. І. Гутак ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 10 13 Методи безвогневого врізання в діючі трубопроводи <p><em>Implementation of full repair of the operating ductings (without closing-in of hauling of product) by the method of construction of new filament parallell operating is impossible without the use of the cutting in ducting. This method is accompanied welding on of branch-bend to the operating ducting and determination of the fitting with attachment for cutting in. The review of attachments is conducted for the leadthrough of works</em></p> В. Б. Запухляк Т. П. Шиян М. Д. Степ'юк ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 14 19 Вплив тривалої експлуатації нафтогазопроводів на умови корозійно-втомного руйнування матеріалу труб <p><em>The influence of the stress-strain state on the intensity and localization of corrosive damages of the pipe steel 17Г</em><em>1C, which contact with the environments with different pH are observed. The model for determining of surface corrosion fatigue crack nucleation period are developed. Degradation of the mechanical and electrochemical <br> </em><em>characteristics of gas pipeline 17Г</em><em>1C steel after its servise for 40 years has been investigated.</em></p> Д. Ю. Петрина ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 20 25 Дослідження нового методу визначення теплоти згоряння природного газу <p><em>In this article is considered theoretical proof of new method for determining of heating value, which is based on measuring such parameters as sound speed in gas, carbon dioxide and nitrogen content. New method is proved using artificial neural network on referenced data and modeled by artificial neural network on real data of natural gas parameters. Results of modeling confirmed possibility of the newly developed method implementation.</em></p> І. Я. Дарвай ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 26 29 Математичне моделювання процесів збільшення вуглеводневилучення із газових і газоконденсатних покладів з підошовною водою <p><strong><sup></sup></strong><em>Propounded an improved mathematical modeling of non-stationary coning process during the exploitation of the wells on gas and gas condensate bottom water reservoirs. Recognised the influence on the dynamics of lift and slump of water cone of bed permeability, differential pressure and shut-in time for slump of water cone. Proved the technique of maximalization of gas selection from the well by the choice of the period time of their</em> <em>shut-in after drowning.</em></p> Р. М. Кондрат Л. Р. Смоловик О. Р. Кондрат ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 30 34 Експрес-методика поточної оптимізації роботи фонтанної свердловини за енергетичним критерієм <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><em>Methodology of current optimization of the operation of flowing well at the criteria of achieving the largest efficiency factor coefficient has been developed. It based on dividing gross flux into fluid and gas – liquid flows, that gives possibility for fully using natural reservoir energy and extending a term of well flowing.</em></p> В. С. Бойко Л. М. Кеба Р. Ф. Лагуш Я. В. Соломчак Р. В. Грибовський ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 35 38 Оцінка дії вибухової хвилі на прихоплену ділянку бурильної колони <p><em>Analyzed the results of decision </em><em>the axis of symmetry</em><em> problem of dynamic elastic thick-walled circular cylinder method of spatial characteristics. A practical embodiment of the solution of the problem was the calculation of the stress-strain state stuck section of drill string under the influence of the blast wave on the inner wall of the tube.</em></p> В. М. Мойсишин В. Д. Яцишин В. І. Векерик ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 39 45 Дослідження втомної довговічності натурних зразків бурильних труб за багатоступеневого навантажування <p><em>The experimental model of TBV 140×11 L drilling pipes full-scale specimen fatigue endurance in the conditions of sectional multi-stage loading application bending through an angle is given. Conclusions about the necessity of hypothesis linear accumulation of fatigue damages correction are developed on the basis of experimental data analysis during the drilling strings operational reliability estimation in the conditions of certain exploitation. The analysis of fatigue cracks distribution mechanism was performed due to pipe breaks received during different charts of loading pipes.</em></p> В. І. Артим І. М. Гойсан ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 46 52 Ідентифікація параметрів моделі викривлення свердловини № 2 Новомихайлівської світи <p><em>Theoretical description of construction of different mathematical models and their authentication is resulted in obedience to experimental|brassboard| information. </em><em>On the basis of experimental information of mining hole №2 Novomikhaylivskoy of retinue is built the real models of curvature of mining hole, namely: cross-correlation, spectral, and also eight self-reactance and their authentication is conducted. After the numerical estimations of </em><em>среднеквадратичного</em> <em>рассогласования</em><em> of managing decisions, the optimum model of type of </em><strong><em>arx</em></strong><strong><em> 321 </em></strong><em>is certain. Different descriptions are built in obedience to the developed models: transitional, impulsive|Pip|, frequency and spectral|spectrum| in a software environment Matlab|.</em></p> М. В. Шавранський І. І. Чигур А. М. Шавранська Г. Я. Процюк ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 53 61 Визначення відхиляючого зусилля на долоті в компоновці низу бурильної колони з керованим перехідником <p><em>On the basis of differential equation the method of determination of deflection force on the bit dependent on deflection angle of bent sub has been developed. Conclusions have been made as for possibility to control direction and modulus of deflection force using axial bit load as well as different deflectors. </em></p> А. А. Козлов ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 62 64 Динамічне регулювання питомих навантажень в парах тертя стрічково-колодкових гальм бурових лебідок (частина 1) <p><em>Structural principles of dynamic redistribution of the specific loadings are resulted in the pair of friction of band brake at arrangement of mobile friction protective straps sections on the arc of circumference by the brake ribbon of pulley.</em></p> Д. О. Вольченко І. О. Бекіш І. В. Бачук Ю. М. Бурда ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 65 73 Визначення раціональних параметрів протектора насосних штанг <p><em>The method of determination of rational parameters of sucker rods protector, which creates a torque during work of pumping unit, is given in the article. Determination of rational parameters is conducted on the basis of formula by the protector torque according to axial turbines calculation. Graphic dependences between mean value of the protector torque during half of period of pumping unit work, and parameters which influence to work of the protectors system are given, from. On the basis of analysis of the graphs and taking into account the working conditions of protector the conclusions about the rational values of parameters are done. Coming out the position of saving of existent power supply in the system from column of sucker rods with protectors and liquid in the tubing column the calculation of rational value of vane-blade slope angle on an outlet from the protector is conducted.</em></p> П. Р. Гімер Б. В. Копей О. О. Онищук В. Б. Копей ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 74 82 Математичне моделювання контролю питомого електричного опору матеріалів електроконтактним чотиризондовим методом <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p><em>A mathematical simulation of the control of the materials resistivity by four-point method, which helped set the optimal distance between probes in order to achieve high sensitivity method. The </em><em>geometric correction functions</em><em> have to be considered for calculating the resistivity of samples with different geometric dimensions </em><em>was studied</em><em>.</em></p> Є. Р. Доценко ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 82 90 Зносостійкість карбідокремнієвої кераміки в газоабразивному потоці <p><em>It is investigated wear resistance of self-connected </em><em>silicon carbide in conditions of gasabrasive wear at the change of </em><em>an angle</em><em> of attack of abrasive particles. </em><em>It is set, </em><em>that though at</em><em> greater angles</em><em> of attack </em><em>(</em><em>&gt;60°) the silicon carbide is characterized by </em><em>smaller wear resistance </em><em>than</em><em> hard</em> <em>metal, however at small </em><em>angles</em><em> of attack of SiC </em><em>(</em><em>&lt;60°) </em><em>demonstrated the best </em><em>&nbsp;results. Thus, self-connected silicon carbide can be recommended for production of aeroabrasive nozzles </em><em>that</em><em> are used for cleaning of pipes at renewal oil- and gas pipelines.</em></p> А. О. Криль П. М. Присяжнюк Я. А. Криль ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 91 95 Вплив термічної обробки, типу зразків і напрямку їх вирізання на холодноламкість сталей 20 і 17Г1С <p><em>Studied is cold brittleness of steel 20 and 17Г1С</em><em> which is used in manufacturing pipes for gas mains. It is shown that its normalization and improvement in hance steel cold britteness in going fran the type I specimens to the type IV specimens with the transition temperature being increased in going info the state of cold brittleness being increased. Cold brittleness of lateral and longitudinal cuttings depend on chemical composition of steel.</em></p> Ю. Д. Петрина С. С. Вуйцік ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 96 100 Порівняльна оцінка несучої здатності дво- та трикомпонентного з’єднань “шарошка – твердосплавна вставка <p><em>The comparative assessment of load-carrying capability is executed for constructions with optimum by load-carrying capability characteristics within the limits of elasticity theory. Advantages of three-component structure are disclosed. The capabilities of results application for design bonds «compacts-cone» are discuss.</em></p> В. А. Корнута І. П. Шацький ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 101 105 Аналіз силових факторів в елементах різьбового з’єднання при односторонньому способі навантаження <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p><em>The analytical approach to the power factors analysis in the elements of threaded connection is suggested. The epyury partitions of external linear load and normal axial forces are resulted in the elements of screw-thread connection at the one-sided method of loading.</em></p> В. Я. Василишин ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 106 108 Чисельний метод оцінювання надійності газотранспортних систем <p><em>A numeral method is offered for the evaluation of reliability of the gas-transport systems with the use of theory of fuzzy sets of theory of making a decision</em></p> Д. Ф. Тимків М. В. Крихівський Д. Д. Матієшин ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 109 112 Оптимізація параметрів симетричних двошарових трифазних схем обмоток двошвидкісних електричних машин змінного струму <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><em>The variants of symmetric three-phase winding</em> <em>charts of </em><em>two</em><em>-</em><em>layer asynchronous electric motors are possible with the relation of amount of pole</em> <em>pairs 4:5 and by the amount of slots of z = </em><em>72</em> <em>are described.</em></p> Р. Б. Гаврилюк ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 113 120 Проблема використання гідротермальної енергії землі як альтернативи вуглеводневим джерелам енергоносіїв в Україні <p><em>Geotermal criteria characteristic to the thermal conditions of the Earth are shortly described. Given are the data about measured temperatures within the boreholes on the whole territory of Ukraine which are compared with the distribution of the rate of the Earth heat flux on the territory Ukraine. The methods of petrotermal and hydrotermal power application in the administrative regions of Ukraine are considered.</em></p> О. О. Орлов В Г. Омельченко ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 121 131 Врахування глинистості порід-колекторів при визначенні коефіцієнта пористості за матеріалами акустичного каротажу <p><em>A new simplified operative method of using clayness parameter for determination of coefficient of porosity from acoustic well log data is offered. The use of gamma-ray double difference parameter is assumed. The results closely correlate with the core analysis data.</em></p> С. Є. Муц ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 132 137 Урахування впливу профілю траси на результати гідравлічних розрахунків газових мереж низького тиску <p><em>The necessity taking into account </em><em>pipeline route profile effect</em><em> on the results of </em><em>hydraulic calculations of low-pressure gas networks</em><em>. Proposed the new technique of accounting changes of gas pressure by including a </em><em>pipeline route profile</em><em> on the technological and economic parameters of gas supply pipeline networks.</em></p> А. І. Ксенич М. Д. Середюк ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 138 143 Закономірності перебігу нестаціонарних процесів під час експлуатації газотранспортних систем в аварійних режимах <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p><em>The accident gas leak on main gas pipeline was discovered. The limits of emergency cock closure devices for the pipelines with nominal diameter 1400 mm were defined. For the gas dynamic parameters specification in <br> accident leaks, the 3D model, made in gas dynamic program complex Ansys CFX, was offered.</em></p> Ю. Г. Мельниченко ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 144 148 Регулювання термінів деструкції екструзивного крохмалю <p><em>For adjusting and process control of destruction of colloid solution of starch in the process of well-drilling, expansion of application of Extrusive Starch Reagent (ESR) domain, as lover of filtration, and at the test of productive horizons artificially to accelerate destruction of starch, prang a kolmatation faucet and improve permeability of productive horizons the conducted complex of laboratory researches of influence of different chemical matters on destruction and fermentation of ESR.</em></p> О. С. Бейзик М. І. Оринчак ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 149 154 Екологічні аспекти утилізації сивушних масел як добавок до моторних палив <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p><em>To the problem of processing at the alcoholic plant of the second products including fusel oils extraordinarily large attention is spared.</em></p> <p><em>On the basis of researches of operating properties of fusel oils and their mixtures with diesel fuels and petrols of conducted by an author optimum compositions of fuel mixtures for the use of them as a fuel for engines were certain.</em></p> <p><em>However, at the use of fusel oils as additions there is the necessity of research of influencing of exhaust gases of engine to the commodity fuels, that works on these fuel mixtures on an atmosphere, soil and plants.</em></p> <p><em>On results research it is possible to estimate influence of the offered method of utilization of fusel oils on concentration of heavy metals and other components in soil and plants. </em></p> Ф. В. Козак Л. І. Гаєва Т. В. Дикун В. М. Мельник ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 155 159 Попередження відкладання гідратів та збирання рідини під час продування свердловини та шлейфу <p><em>The main attention in the article is paid to the basic problems which occur during the process of gas-condensate wells’ operation, i.e. fluid accumulation and hydrate sedimentation in wells and lead lines. The methods concerning the overcoming above-mentioned complications are reviewed and effective ways of their solution are proposed.</em><em> Particularly the technique</em><em> of fluid collection during the process of wells and lead lines blasting is <br> </em><em>examined. </em></p> В. Б. Воловецький О. Ю. Витязь О. М. Щирба ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 160 164 Дослідження ефективності застосування горизонтальних свердловин та забурювання додаткових бокових горизонтальних стовбурів у діючих свердловинах для інтенсифікації розробки Бистрицької складки Довбушансько-Бистрицького нафтового родовища <p><em>The characteristics of flat holes (FH) application and auxiliary rat horizontal holes (RHH) spudding in the operating access boreholes are described for intensification of oil extraction and coefficient oilfield exception buildup. The efficiency of FH and RHH application on five production facilities Bistricka rock bend in Dovbushansko-Bistricka oilfield.</em></p> Т. Я. Берладина ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-10 2018-12-10 1 34 165 168 Коротенькі есеї про прикарпатських інженерів-буровиків другої половини ХХ сторіччя (продовження) <p>-</p> Р. С. Яремійчук ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2010-12-10 2010-12-10 1 34 169 174